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Write-On Twist Ties

Write-On Paper Twist Ties

Write-on twist ties allow for a nice secure close that's easy to untwist when needed. The write-on flag can be written on with pen, pencil or marker.  

Available only in white, write-on twist ties help ensure that your labeling is easy to read. These convenient write-on twist ties come in standard bags of 500 twist ties per bag.

Write-on twist ties are a great step forward in convenience, saving you time and money by reducing the number of steps and items you need to secure bagged items. Rather than using a twist tie to close your bag and then a separate label, the write on twist ties give you one easy step.  Order your write-on twist ties below!

Write-on Paper Twist Tie Features

  • 6" length
  • 5/32" width
  • 27-gauge annealed steel center wire
  • 1.75" x 2" paper write-on flag

Uses for Write-on Twist Ties
Write-on twist ties are useful for virtually any application, from labeling parts for manufacturing to adding name tags to party favors.  Here are some common everyday uses for write-on twist ties:

  • Write-on Twist Ties for Retail
    • Retailers who allow customers to purchase items in bulk rely on write-on twist ties because they make it easy to both secure the bag and identify what’s in the bag by writing the item number on the paper flag. Any time you need both security and identification, write-on twist ties are an ideal choice.
  • Write-on Twist Ties for Food Storage
    • Keep perishable foods fresh and labeled with the help of write-on twist ties.
  • Write-on Twist Ties for Sorting Hardware
    • Secure and label bags of screws, nuts and bolts so you’ll always be able to find the size you need. 

Buy Write-on Twist Ties
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