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8.5” Cable Ties

8.5” Cable Ties | 40 lbs. Tensile Strength Zip Ties

Intermediate Zip Ties, 40 lbs. Tensile Strength

Supply Plaza offers 8.5” intermediate cable ties for a variety of light- to medium-duty applications. We stock ten bold colors (see below); all colors are sold in quantities of 100.

These 8.5” zip ties are 0.140” (3mm) wide and 0.05” (1mm). Maximum bundling diameter is 2-1/8” (54mm)—if your project requires smaller or larger bundling capacity, we also stock 5.5” intermediate zip ties, 11” intermediate zip ties, and 14” intermediate zip ties.

We offer same-day shipping on all orders received before 3PM Eastern time.

Custom Printed 8.5” Cable Ties

Supply Plaza can custom-print these 8.5” zip ties with the lettering, numbering, or other text you need. Use the “Customize” button below to specify your custom-printed cable ties. Choose from nine cable tie colors and 12 print colors. Please note that custom-printed zip ties require a $50 surcharge for orders of less than 1,000 pieces.

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Make Supply Plaza your first choice for zip ties, twist ties, security seals, and more. Order 8.5” cable ties for your project today, or contact us to learn more.

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