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Metal Cable Seals

Metal Cable Seals | C-TPAT Cable Seals | High Security Cable Seals

Metal cable seals offer a more user-friendly and versatile security solution than bolt seals. Cable lock seals are easier to cut, though they still require cable cutters or bolt cutters to remove, and the cable will fray when cut. These metal cable seals also feature laser-engraved sequential numbering as an additional tamper deterrent.

Because cable lock seals form a complete loop when installed, they can be used to seal many types of latches that bolt seals cannot. For a bolt seal to be effective, the latch hole must fit within a very specific range of diameters; cable lock seals are effective in any latch hole that they can fit through.

The strength of a cable seal is proportionate to the thickness of the metal cable used. Thicker cables are stronger, as well as more difficult to cut through. In general, you will want to use the smallest cable lock seal that is appropriate for your application, as smaller cable seals use less material and have a correspondingly lower price point.

If your application requires C-TPAT cable seals, our 3.5mm cable lock seals are C-TPAT approved. (See below for more information.)

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What are C-TPAT Cable Seals?

C-TPAT (Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) was launched in November 2001 by US Customs and Border Protection. A voluntary supply chain security program, C-TPAT focuses on protecting the international trade industry against terrorism by improving supply chain security. This program asks participants to ensure the integrity of their security practices and verify those of all partners in their supply chain.
C-TPAT cable seals have been tested and approved to ISO 17712 standards for “high security” mechanical seals. These cable lock seals are approved for international shipping per C-TPAT regulations. 
Contact Supply Plaza for more information on our C-TPAT compliant products. We also offer C-TPAT compliant bolt seals.