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Beaded Cable Ties

Beaded Cable Ties

Supply Plaza’s polyethylene reusable beaded cable ties are unique, releasable zip ties. Also known as beaded zip ties, these beaded cable ties feature a special design that allows them to be released instead of cut away, allow them to be removed, reused, and adjusted over and over again.

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Reusable Beaded Cable Ties

Beaded cable ties are an excellent, lightweight cable tie solution thanks to their special reusable design. Unlike standard cable ties that have to be cut off to remove them, beaded cable ties make use of a unique design that allows them to be released and reused as often as you want, and with no mechanical release mechanism that can break down or break off of the zip tie.

Beaded cable ties have a locking head with a large through-hole with a short, narrow groove extending from the top of the hole. The beads of the beaded cable tie can pass through the larger hole, and once the desired size is reached the thinner material connecting the beads can be slid into the groove in the locking head. This effectively locks the cable tie in place; at any time the beaded tail can be pushed back out of the groove to release or adjust the cable tie.

Beaded Cable Tie Options

Available Colors

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Natural
  • Red
  • Yellow

Note: 14” beaded cable ties are available only in natural, black, red, and blue.

Available Lengths

Flexible Polyethylene Construction

Standard beaded cable ties are constructed from polyethylene, a durable plastic material. Polyethylene sacrifices some of the tensile strength of nylon—the most common material for standard cable ties—in exchange for greater flexibility. With a polyethylene beaded zip tie, it is easier to wrap the tie more tightly around smaller diameters. Polyethylene also stays more flexible than nylon, which becomes rigid and brittle over time.

Easy to Apply & Remove

To use a beaded cable tie, first wrap the cable around the wires or whatever else you’re securing. For bundles of wires, it is often helpful to wrap the cable tie "tail" around multiple times. Then, feed the tip of the tail through the opening in the locking head, and slide it down into the smaller groove.

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