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Cable Tie Tools

Cable Tie Tools

Cable tie tools are used help make assembly of cable ties fast and easy. They help pull cable ties tight and cut the excess off clean while protecting bundled items and reducing the risk of injury.

Supply Plaza offers cable tie tools for various tensile strength cable ties. The MG-1400 is a versatile tool that cuts cables ties of various widths without damaging the bundled items. The safety guards slide behind the strap for a clean cut. The precision ground stations accurately strip 12 to 22 gauge wires with ease.

Cable Tie Ratings

Miniature = 18 Lb. tensile strength    

Intermediate = 40 Lb. tensile strength    

Standard = 50 Lb. tensile strength    

Heavy Duty = 120 Lb. tensile strength    

Extra Heavy Duty = 175 Lb. tensile strength

Cable Tie Tool Options

Supply Plaza offers four cable tie tool options for tightening and cutting cable ties.

  • 18-50 Lb Economy Cable Tie Tool
  • 10-50 LB Cable Tie Tool
  • 50-250 LB Cable Tie Tool
  • Cable Tie Removal Tool

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