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Identification Cable Ties

Identification Cable Ties

Identification cable ties feature blank nylon flags either above or below the cable tie head. These flags allow users to mark them with permanent markers for identification purposes (hence the name “identification cable ties”). ID cable ties are an ideal solution for identifying bundles of wires or any other items that require identification.

Supply Plaza’s identification cable ties come in 4”, 7.5”, and 15” lengths for maximum bundling diameters ranging from 7/8” to 4”. The flags can also be custom embossed or printed to your specifications.

Follow the links below to order identification cable ties for your application, or contact us for more information.


Identification Cable Tie Options

Our identification cable ties come in three lengths. 4” and 15” ID cable ties come in “above head” or “below head” flag options. See individual product listings below for additional information.

Available Colors

  • Natural
  • Black

Note: Color availability varies by zip tie length

4” ID Cable Tie - Maximum bundling diameter of 7/8”. ID flags measure 1” x 5/8” and are available “above head” or “below head.” Natural color only.

7.5” ID Cable Tie - Maximum bundle diameter of 1-3/4”. Tags measure 1/2” x 1-1/8”, and are available “below head” only. Available in black or natural.

15” ID Cable Tie  - Allows for bundles up to 4” in diameter and are rated at 50 lbs. tensile strength. Available with “above head” or “below head” ID flags. Natural color only.

Custom Printed Identification Cable Ties

Supply Plaza can custom print any of our identification cable ties to your specifications, with no minimums! Contact us to discuss your custom printing needs.

Contact Us for Identification Cable Ties & More

Supply Plaza offers identification cable ties and much, much more. Order your cable ties today or contact us to learn more about our ID cable ties and custom printing options.