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Ladder Cable Ties

Ladder Cable Ties

What Are Ladder Style Cable Ties?

A ladder style cable tie is an economical solution for a diverse range of applications. The perforated style offers more flexibility than a standard cable tie. These distinct devices are excellent for intermediate bundling applications with a 40 Lb. tensile strength, but require a tie with less rigidity than a “standard” 40 lb. cable tie. Due to the high tensile strength of nylon, a ladder cable tie is ideal for heavier uses that don't require true heavy-duty cable tying apparatuses. Ladder cable ties are also more flexible and lightweight than standard cable ties. When used for bundling wires, cables, or other objects, Supply Plaza’s nylon ladder cable ties have a minimum bundling diameter of 1/16". The maximum bundling size depends on the length of the ladder cable tie:

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Ladder Cable Tie Applications

Ladder ties are especially useful for retail stores, where they can be used for bundling, pairing and securing merchandise. Supply Plaza’s cable ties also make for an ideal bag closure device. In addition to bundling uses, a nylon ladder cable tie is great for a variety of other uses including:

  • Securing products
  • Closing bags
  • Securing objects onto frameworks
  • Bundling wires & cables

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