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Releasable Cable Ties

Releasable Cable Ties

Supply Plaza’s releasable cable ties feature the same basic design and utility of standard cable ties or zip ties, but with a locking mechanism that can be opened to release the cable tie, allowing it to be reused and repositioned over and over again.

We offer reusable zip ties in six lengths and in wide and narrow styles; all models provide 50 lb. tensile strength. Our releasable cable ties can be custom printed with your company name, sequential numbers, and more.

Follow the links below to find the cable ties you need; see individual product listings for additional information and specifications. Order the releasable cable ties you need today—all orders received before 3PM Eastern are shipped the same day. Contact Supply Plaza to order or to learn more.

Reusable Cable Ties

Standard nylon cable ties are one-use only items that, once locked, cannot be adjusted or released. The unique ratcheting and locking mechanism that makes these devices so useful for holding bundles of wires or cables means that the only way to release zip ties is by cutting them loose. Releasable cable ties incorporate a special tab that can release the locking mechanism, allowing the tie to be pulled back through the head. As long as the tab is pressed, the bundle diameter can be adjusted.

Releasable cable ties are the perfect solution for applications in which fine positioning is required, or when more wires are often added to the wire bundle that the cables ties are holding together. They can also be used as a bag closure, and opened and closed as needed.

If you are looking for a lighter duty, more flexible reusable cable tie, consider our polyethylene beaded cable ties.

Releasable Zip Tie Options

Available Colors

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Natural
  • Red

Note: Color availability varies by cable tie size.

Custom Printed Cable Ties

We can provide custom-printed releasable cable ties your company name, sequential numbers, or any lettering or numbering you need. Contact us to discuss your custom printing requirements.

Available Lengths & Styles

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With a comprehensive inventory of cable ties and zip ties, Supply Plaza has the right solution for your needs. Order the releasable zip ties you need today, or contact us to learn more.