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Cradle Cable Tie Mounts

Cable tie cradle mounts are a convenient, simple and easy-to-install way to secure wire and cable bundles.  The deep cradle design provides support and is secured with a screw mounted into a recessed screw hole, enabling cable ties to pass over the head of the screws.  This design allows for easy insertion of cable ties.  Cradle Mounts are available to accommodate cable ties from 18 lbs. to 120 lbs.

Due to their unique design, cradle mounts allow for the easy insertion of cable ties while also offering extra support.   Cradle Mounts are manufactured to hold cable ties of assorted sizes and strengths, and are perfect for securing wires or other items to desks, walls, or ceilings. Supply Plaza offers a wide variety of quality cradle mounts and cable ties to exceed all your wire management requirements.

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