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Deadlock Tag Fasteners

Deadlock Tag Fasteners

Metal deadlock tag fasteners are often used on meat products to attach a tag with price, cut, and weight information. The copper coated steel wire can easily pierce the meat to hold the tag in place.

Features of Deadlock Tag Fasteners

Deadlock tag fasteners are made of 17 gauge copper coated steel. The overall length is approximately 1 3/8" and the width at the widest point is approximately 3/4". They are available with blunt, semi-blunt or sharp tips, and in diamond or oval shapes.

When to Choose Deadlock Tag Fasteners

Metal wire deadlock tag fasteners are often preferred for attaching tags to items without a pre-cut hole for the tag fastener, and whose material is resistant to easy puncture, but where it doesn't matter if a sizeable hole is put in the material in the process. For this reason you would not, for example, want to use a metal wire deadlock tag fastener on clothing or linen materials.

Manila Tags

Manila tags are often used with metal deadlock tags. Supply Plaza stocks manila tags in sizes ranging from 2 3/4" x 1 3/8" to 6 1/4" x 3 1/8".

Buy Meat Price Tags

To purchase meat price tags from Supply Plaza, order online or call 888-304-5111.

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