DIY Fashion Projects & Accessories

Whether understated, flamboyant, or somewhere in between, everyone’s got their own sense of fashion and style. It’s a way to show our individuality and give others a look at our personality—sometimes a little look, sometimes a big one, depending on one’s particular fashion sense!


Sometimes, the best way to express your style is to create your own fashion statement. No one knows your style better than you, so why not do it yourself? carries a huge selection of items that are perfect for DIY fashion projects.


Zip Tie & Twist Tie Fashion Ideas

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With some zip ties, a little creativity, and some colored beads or other additional components, you can create a wide range of DIY accessories, from necklaces to bracelets to earrings and more. Zip ties can also be used to create hair accessories, or to hold your hair in place for tricky up-dos or other hairstyles. They’ll hold tight without losing their grip, and they won’t stretch out like elastic hair holders can. Although they’re not reusable, they’re so inexpensive that it shouldn’t be an issue.

Twist ties are also great for DIY accessories. Again, with the addition of some beads and some creativity, you can create fun, colorful rings that are custom-fit to your fingers, no matter what ring size you wear. You can use brightly colored twist ties and tissue paper to make paper flowers as hair accessories. With metallic twist ties, you can make stylish bracelets, rings, earrings, and more that mimic the look of precious metals at just a fraction of the cost. What’s better than looking great and staying under budget?


Use Cable Ties for Tie Dyes

Cable ties are perfect for countless DIY fashion projects. One of our favorite ideas is to use them as tie-offs for tie dying—use them in place of rubber bands for a more secure hold. Cable ties are far less likely to break than rubber bands, as well, especially if you're dying a large item or something made of thicker fabric. No matter if you dunk, spray, or brush on your dye(s), a cable tie will hold firmly without slipping.


Versatile DIY Tools

A tag attacher is another handy, versatile tool for DIY fashion projects. You can use plastic tags to hold seams while you’re prepping pieces for sewing, and they’re great for quick-and-easy temporary hem fixes or alterations when you don’t have time to break out your sewing kit. A Swiftach Buttoneer is perfect for fastening larger buttons to clothing. And, if you’re selling your DIY fashions or DIY accessories commercially, or at a garage sale (sometimes, stuff’s just got to go), a tag attacher is just what you need to add price tags.

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Easy DIY Accessories

Believe it or not, even bread bag closures can be used for DIY fashion accessories. Paint them with fun, funky colors, patterns, or other designs to create charms for a charm bracelet. Or, if a favorite pair of flip flops needs a quick fix for small holes or rips, a bag closure can be clipped around the base of the toe strap underneath the sole to keep it from pulling through. has all these supplies and more to help make your DIY fashion projects come to life. We even offer custom printing for many of our products—nearly any lettering, wording, or numbering you may need can be printed directly onto the face of the product. Place your order today or contact to learn more.


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