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Double Wire Paper Twist Ties

Double Wire Paper Twist Ties

Double wire paper twist ties are made with two 24-guage annealed steel wires spaced 1/8” apart. Heavy duty twist ties are used by wrapping the tie around the item to be closed or secured, then twisting the two ends together.  They provide the same flexibility as standard single wire paper twist ties but are twice as strong to provide a more secure binding of heavier objects. Heavy duty twist ties are used for a wide range of applications including bundling wires and cables, securing objects, and closing garbage bags.

Supply Plaza offers double wire paper twist ties in 6”, 8”, 10” and 12” lengths with a choice of white or black (8” only). We also offer heavy duty twist ties in plastic for added durability and for applications where moisture is present.

Same day shipping is available on double wire paper twist ties for orders placed before 3pm Eastern time. Click on the product links below for color options and more information.

What is the Difference Between Paper and Plastic Twist Ties?

The sole difference between double wire paper twist ties and double wire plastic twist ties is the material used to coat the wire at the center of the twist tie. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages, so the choice comes down to which twist tie material would work best for your intended application.

Heavy duty paper twist ties are made of more recycled material and are best suited for indoor applications because they can become soggy and begin to flake away when exposed to moisture. This type of paper twist tie is commonly used for tying garbage bags, bundling heavy wires and cabling, and other indoor uses. Double wire twist ties are more durable than single wire twist ties and can hold up to repeated use.

Plastic twist ties are resistant to moisture and therefore preferred for outdoor applications such being used as garden twist ties to secure plants, attaching patio string lights and other fixtures, or bundling garden hoses. These twist ties also work well for closing product bags or other food bags that may come into contact with moisture.

Heavy Duty Twist Tie Uses

Double wire paper twist ties are commonly used in the same types of applications as standard, single wire paper twist ties, but where greater strength is desirable. With two wires embedded in the paper twist tie the tie is effectively twice as strong, making it superior at securing items with greater weight or that need to be resistant to some amount of tugging.

In addition to the strength benefits of double wire paper ties, many find the double wire to be easier to work with. The presence of both wires makes it easier to grasp and torque the twist tie, and it makes the twist tie itself generally stiffer.

Some of the many tying, closing and bundling uses for double wire twist ties include:

  • Hanging photos and other lightweight objects
  • Bundling wires, cords, hoses and cables
  • Creating craft projects
  • Sealing cellophane bags, bread bags, and more
  • Hanging Christmas ornaments and other decorations
  • Organizing pens, pencils and other loose items in a drawer
  • Placeholder for knitting projects
  • Temporary fix for broken necklaces or bracelets
  • Looping together keys

Check out our Crafting & Home Improvement Solutions to read about the various uses for double wire paper twist ties including home safety tips, decorating ideas, wedding craft ideas, and much more! 

Double Wire Paper Twist Tie Lengths

We offer heavy duty twist ties in four lengths to meet your application requirements. Choose longer lengths for large bundling applications or securing large objects. Shorter double wire twist ties are perfect for closing bags or organizing keys, pens and other small objects.

Color Options for Double Wire Twist Tie

  • White only

If you are looking for a different color option, we also offer single twist ties in a wide array of colors and in various lengths. 

Order Double Wire Twist Ties for Heavy Duty Bundling and More

We offer double wire paper twist ties in a range of lengths for heavy duty bundling applications. Supply Plaza also offers standard paper twist ties, double wire plastic twist ties, and many other twist tie options.

Place your order today or contact us to learn more about our twist ties and other bundling solutions.