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Double Wire Plastic Twist Ties

Double Wire Plastic Twist Ties

Double wire plastic twist ties are manufactured with two thicker wires (24 gauge instead of the normal 27 gauge) spaced 1/8” apart. Double wire twist ties flexible just like standard twist ties, but they have twice the securing strength, making them ideal for heavy duty applications such as bundling heavy objects. Plastic coated wire twist ties are also moisture resistant, so they can be used for outdoor applications or in environments where moisture is present without losing their durability.

Supply Plaza offers heavy duty plastic twist ties in 6”, 8”, 10” and 12” pre-cut sizes for your convenience with a color choice of white or black (select lengths only) for all your bundling and securing needs.

For closing and bundling applications where moisture is not present, we also provide paper double wire twist ties in a wide range of pre-cut lengths and colors.

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Choosing Between Plastic Twist Ties versus Paper Twist Ties

The only difference between double wire plastic twist ties and double wire paper twist ties is the material used to coat the wire at the center of the twist tie. Plastic twist ties are coated with plastic for resistance to moisture and paper twist ties are made of recycled paper material and are best suited for dry tying or tag attaching needs.

Both plastic and paper have their advantages and disadvantages, so the choice comes down to which heavy duty twist tie material is best for your intended application. Paper twist ties cab grow soggy and begin to easily flake away in wetter applications such as tying produce in a grocery section, but a plastic twist tie will maintain its structure even in the presence of significant moisture.

Double wire paper twist ties work well for totally dry or single-use applications such as tying garbage bags or other indoor uses such as bundling cords, performing temporary repairs or hanging items around the home. For indoor or outdoor applications in which exposure to moisture is a significant possibility or the ties will be untied and retied repeatedly, a double wire plastic twist tie is the better choice. Plastic coated wire coated twist ties are also perfect for outdoor applications such as securing plants to a trellis or garden stakes, and for securing outdoor lighting and wiring.

Advantages of Double Wire Plastic Twist Ties

Double wire twist ties are for applications that require extra strength. A double wire twist tie has more strength than two single wire twist ties — not only does it include two wires, but the wires themselves are thicker and stronger.

Double wire twist ties provide the convenience of the additional strength in a single twist tie and are great for securing heavier items. Plastic double wire twist ties combine the double wire advantages with a plastic coating that is moisture resistant and won’t easily tear or flake away when wet. As a result, double wire plastic twist ties are a smart choice for applications that involve moisture in any way.

Plastic double wire twist ties come in a variety of lengths and colors.

Some common and unique uses for plastic coated wire twist ties include:

  • Bundling heavy or large wires, cords, hoses and cables
  • Creating craft projects
  • Hanging holiday ornaments and other decorations
  • Securing plants in your home or garden
  • Organizing pens, pencils and other loose items in a drawer
  • Closing frozen vegetable bags
  • Cleaning between razor blades
  • Looping together keys
  • Hanging small or lightweight pictures and other objects
  • Stringing patio lights onto a balcony or fence
  • Placeholder for knitting projects

Learn more about the many uses for double wire plastic twist ties in and around your home by reading our Crafting & Home Improvement Solutions full of decorating ideas, crafting tips and much more! 

Double Wire Plastic Twist Tie Lengths

Supply Plaza offers double wire plastic twist ties in several lengths to meet the needs of a wide range of heavy duty applications. Shorter twist ties work well for closing bags, organizing small objects and for use as garden twist ties, and longer double wire plastic twist ties are ideal for bundling thick items such as garden hoses and cables, or for securing outdoor lighting.

Our plastic twist ties cut to length for your convenience and are available in the sizes listed below:

Color Options for Double Wire Plastic Twist Ties

  • White
  • Black (8” and 12” lengths only)

If you prefer a different color option other than black or white, we also offer single plastic twist ties in a various colors and in various lengths. 

Buy Double Wire Plastic Twist Ties

Place your order for double wire twist ties today or browse our other bunding solutions including metallic twist ties, double wire paper twist ties and standard plastic twist ties to find the perfect product for your application. 

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