Home Safety Tips

Home is where the heart is, as the saying goes. There’s nothing quite like being at home with your family, safe, sound, and secure. But, ensuring that safety, soundness, and security does require a little work. There are plenty of potential hazards in the average home that can be minimized or eliminated with just a little work and the right supplies.


Simple Supplies to Make Your Home Safer

Supplyplaza.com offers a wide range of products that can be used to help keep your family safe in and around your home. From the obvious—like fire extinguisher ties designed to ensure the usability of your extinguisher in the unfortunate event of a fire—to the brilliant—identification cable ties for labeling the myriad wires behind your TV stand—we’ve got plenty of little things that will make your life whole lot easier and your home a whole lot safer.

Easy & Effective Childproofing

Releasable cable ties and beaded cable ties are ideal for childproofing. They can keep items secure and doors and drawers closed, but are easy for adults to remove. Zip ties are a great way to secure a child safety gate to a banister or other secure structure. Plastic mini seals are also great for childproofing, and are available in tamper-evident varieties for teenager-proofing.

miniature zip ties wires


Labeling, Organization & More

Use write-on twist ties to label items in your cupboards or pantry; you can clearly mark expiration dates, denote food/non-food items to keep kids safe, or simply use them to keep bags closed. Miniature cable ties are perfect for bundling cords to prevent tripping. And, with a bundle of plastic handles handy, carrying heavy parcels is easier—no more back pain!


Custom Printing

We also offer custom printing for many of our products: “CAUTION”, “FOR PARENTAL USE ONLY”, or nearly anything else you can imagine can be added to make your safety measures really stand out.

Supplyplaza.com has everything you need for these and other home safety projects. Place your order today or contact us for more information.


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