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Kwik-Lok Bag Closures

Kwik-Lok Bag Closures | Kwik-Lok Bag Sealing Solutions

What Is Kwik-Lok?

The Kwik Lok Corporation is the originator of the first all-plastic bag closures. These types of plastic bread bag clips are most often used to easily open and close numerous types of bags, most notably bread and bakery style bags.

Supply Plaza’s Kwik-Lok bag closures provide a convenient bag closing solution for your bagged goods. The Kwik-Lok device not only seals the bag keeping its contents fresh, but it also provides the capabilities of code and traceability printing on the label. Plus, Kwik-Lok plastic bread bag clips are quick and easy to apply and remove. Kwik-Lok bread bag closers are very easy to reuse or recycle. Most consumers appreciate an easy solution for keeping their food fresh, our Kwik-Lok bag closures can accomplish this quickly and effectively.

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Kwik-Lok Plastic Clip Bag Closure Features & Benefits

Bag closures provide a variety of distinct benefits to both the distributor and consumer, some of the more beneficial features include:

  • Kwik-Lok bag closures can increase sales
  • Efficient & dependable bag closing ability
  • Easy to open & close
  • Recyclable
  • Traceability printing capable

Kwik-Lok Bag Closure Applications

SupplyPlaza’s Kwik-Lok bag closures provide a wide variety of useful solutions for everyday use or industrial applications, some of these include:

  • Bakery bag sealer
  • Grocery store produce bag closures
  • Florist bouquet bag closures
  • And many more

Printing & Traceability

Supply Plaza’s Kwik-Lok plastic clip bag closure provides the ability to print traceability codes and/or price, dates or other information on the actual plastic bread bag clip. Our plastic bread bag clips offer an ideal surface to print traceability information, codes and symbols. This type of easy-to-find detailed information saves time, prevents product loss, and increases food safety. Bread bag closures also make the process of tracking and stocking products much easier.

Kwik-Lok Sustainability

The Kwik Lok Bag Closure is designed to be reused and RECYCLED. The closure has earned a recyclable symbol of 6, making Kwik Lok a truly recyclable closure. Kwik Lok’s handy all-plastic closure is frequently reused and kept stored in kitchen drawers for closing other bags and a myriad of other uses.

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