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Bag Sealers & Sealing Tape

Bag Sealers & Sealing Tape

Bag sealers are a simple yet indispensable machine that are used to easily and quickly seal bags closed using tape. These tape sealing machines let you insert the neck of a bag into the bag sealer, push down and it wraps the tape around the neck of the bag and seals it.

Bag sealers are commonly used to seal ice bags, baked goods bags, candy bags and more. SupplyPlaza bag sealers are available for same day shipping on all orders placed before 3pm eastern time.

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How Bag Sealer Tape Machines Work

Bag sealers are machines that help replace a manual and repetitive task, allowing for greater efficiency when sealing loose items into a plastic bag.

To use, just fill a plastic bag with the desired amount of product, whether candy or ice or bags of nuts and bolts, being sure to leave plenty of extra "loose" plastic at the top of the bag. Hold onto the loose top and twist the bag to form a twist seal in the neck of the bag. The bag neck is then placed within the bag sealer tape machine.

The bag sealer wraps tape around the neck of the plastic bag such that the tape adheres to itself. In the same movement the bag sealer will cut the tape and an integrated razor lets you cut the excess loose material off the top of the bag, leaving a perfectly tape wrapped bag every time.

A bag sealer is an essential machine for any store or product designer that uses custom bagging of loose product.