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Plastic Aro-Ties

Plastic Aro-Ties

From organizing the cables and wires behind your TV to closing a sack of potatoes, there are countless applications for reusable ties and adjustable ties. These plastic Aro-Ties are the perfect solution.

Supply Plaza stocks these adjustable, reusable ties in 5-1/2” lengths. Available in yellow and natural, we sell them in bundles of 100 so you’ll have plenty on hand for any need that arises.

Though only 1/2” wide and 1/32” thick, Aro-Ties provide sturdy, reliable bundling and closure, no matter what you use them for.

Order the poly Aro-Ties you need today. Contact Supply Plaza for more info on these reusable, adjustable ties or any of our quality products. 

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Deborah Mayclin 
I have been looking for these for years. They used to come as the tie for a brand of trash bags. I don\'t remember what brand, but I would save these to use as all kinds of kitchen bag reusable ties. They are so handy. I looked on Amazon & eBay, but could never find them using every word combination I could think of to search for them. I don\'t think I am the only person who liked them... So glad I Googled them today! Can\'t wait until they arrive.