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Plastic Twist Ties - Cut to Length

Plastic Twist Ties

A plastic twist tie is a metal wire encased in a thin strip of plastic. Also known as bread bag twist ties, they are used to close the openings of bread bags, plastic garbage bags and produce bags. Plastic coated wire twist ties are used by wrapping the tie around the item to be closed or secured, then twisting the two ends together.  In addition to being used to close bags, plastic twist ties are also used for bundling and securing a range of objects in and around the home, office or workspace. They are commonly offered in pre-cut lengths, spools and perforated sheets.      

Plastic twist ties are used for more rugged and long-lasting bindings because they can withstand exposure to moisture and remain intact, even after repeated use. Flexible, durable and removable, plastic twist ties are an inexpensive method of bag closure and tag attaching, and are useful for various home projects.

Supply Plaza offers 4”, 6”. 8”, 10” and 12” plastic twist ties cut to length and pre-packaged for your convenience. We also provide a range of color options for our garden twist ties for color coding, crafting, floral arrangements, and other applications.

If you have questions about our plastic twist ties cut to length, contact us and we will be more than happy to answer your questions. 

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Plastic Twist Ties versus Paper Twist Ties

The difference between paper twist ties and plastic twist ties is solely the material used to coat the wire at the center of the twist tie. Paper twist ties are made of more recycled material and are suitable for most dry tying or tag attaching needs. Plastic twist ties are costlier but are water resistant and long lasting.

Each material has its advantages and disadvantages, so the choice comes down to which twist tie material would work best for your intended application. Where a paper twist tie might grow soggy and begin to easily flake away in wetter applications (such as tying produce in a grocery section that will be misted) a plastic twist tie will maintain its structure even in the presence of significant moisture.

For totally dry or single-use applications such as tying garbage bags or other indoor uses, paper twist ties are the standard. For indoor or outdoor applications in which getting wet is a significant possibility or the ties will be untied and retied repeatedly, a plastic twist tie is likely to perform better. Plastic wire coated twist ties also work well for outdoor applications such as securing plants to fencing, a trellis or garden stakes, and for securing outdoor lighting and wiring.

Want to browse your twist tie options by color? Supply Plaza offers Plastic Twist Ties and Paper Twist Ties in a wide array of colors for your shopping ease.

Plastic Coating Wire Twist Tie Applications

Plastic coated wire twist ties are commonly used as plastic bread ties or for produce bags, but they have a wide range of other uses as well. Twist ties are highly versatile and can be used for a range of personal and household applications, both indoors and outdoors.

Some common and unique uses for plastic coated twist ties include:

  • Bundling wires, cords, hoses and cables
  • Hanging Christmas ornaments and other decorations
  • Securing plants in your home or garden
  • Creating craft projects
  • Stringing patio lights onto a balcony or fence
  • Organizing pens, pencils and other loose items in a drawer
  • Closing frozen vegetable bags
  • Temporary fix for broken necklaces or bracelets
  • Looping together keys
  • Hanging small or lightweight photos
  • Placeholder for knitting projects
  • Cleaning between razor blades

View our Crafting & Home Improvement Solutions to learn about the many uses for plastic twist ties in and around your home including home safety tips, wedding craft ideas, holiday decorating ideas and much more! 

Plastic Twist Tie Lengths

Our plastic twist ties are offered in several lengths to meet the needs of a wide range of applications. Shorter twist ties work well for closing bags or securing and organizing small objects, and longer plastic-coated wire twist ties are ideal for thick bundles of cords and cables, as well as outdoor applications.

Supply Plaza’s plastic twist ties cut to length are available in the sizes listed below:

Plastic Coated Twist Tie Color Options

Supply Plaza provides plastic coated twist ties in a wide range of colors. Green twist ties blend in for gardening and floral applications, and black or white works well for bundling cords and wires behind your electronics. Colored plastic twist ties can also be used for color coding wires, cables and household keys, or for colorful craft projects.  We offer paper and plastic bread ties in the color options listed below.

Click on each item listing below to see sizing and material options for each plastic twist tie color.

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We offer plastic twist ties in a range of colors and sizes for use in a wide range of applications. We also offer paper twist ties, double wire plastic twist ties for extra durability, metallic twist ties for tying gifts and specialty items, and much more.

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