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Pull-Tite Fire Extinguisher Seals Stock Numbered

Pull-Tite Fire Extinguisher Seals Stock Numbered

Supply Plaza’s pull tight, numbered plastic security seals are easy to use, and provide a tamper evident safety solution for a variety of uses, including:

  • Fire extinguisher pin seals
  • Anti-theft devices for cash boxes, courier pouches and other valuables
  • Drum seals
  • Seals/identification for evidence boxes and lockers
  • Seals for emergency medical kits
  • and more

Tamper Evident Pull Tight Seals

These tamper evident pull tight seals allow you to see immediately if the seal has been compromised. While they’re easy to install and remove, their sequential numbering means that, even if the seal is removed and replaced with an otherwise identical one, the number on the seal will be different, providing sure evidence of meddling.

Originally designed as fire extinguisher seals, these pull-tite security seals are versatile enough for numerous applications. They’re rated for 13.5 lbs. break strength, with 7” usable strap length and 1.3” long flags, for a 9.5” total length. Strap diameter is 0.1” (2.6mm); flag is 0.8” wide.

Our numbered plastic security seals are available in five colors (blue, green, red, yellow, white) for added versatility, as well as easy color coding and identification.

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Supply Plaza is your #1 source for numbered, tamper evident pull tight seals. Order today or contact us for fire extinguisher seals and more.

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