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High Security Bolt Seals

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Bolt seals close easily with finger pressure, but require bolt cutters to remove. Often used on shipping and freight containers or for other heavy duty sealing applications, bolt seals are considered a high security, tamper evident seal.

Supply Plaza offers Snaplock container bolt seals that are C-TPAT compliant and consecutively numbered for traceability and tamper evidence. Multiple colors are available for easy color coding and identification.  Follow the link below for additional information and to place an order. Contact us to learn more.

Using Container Bolt Seals

High security container bolt seals are simple to use, and are an effective theft and tampering deterrent. To use, simply slide the pin, or bolt, through the latch hole and into the locking cylinder, and push until the locking mechanism snaps. Be sure to pull on the pin and cylinder to be sure that the bolt seal has properly locked. If you are installing the bolt seal vertically, be sure that the locking cylinder is positioned on the bottom.

Before locking the bolt security seal, rotate the pin and cylinder so that the serial number on both are facing outward, where they can be easily seen.

If you are using a container bolt seal on a very large latch hole, you may need to use heavy duty washers on the bolt seal pin, sized so that the washer is larger than the latch hole. Using washers in this way helps preserve the tamper evident nature of the bolt seal, because, although the washer can be removed through cutting, it cannot be replaced without breaking the bolt seal itself.

Tamper Evident Container Bolt Seals

These products are more than just high security bolt seals for heavy duty applications like shipping or freight containers. Snaplock bolt seals also provide superior tamper resistance and tamper evidence:

  • Must be cut for removal: Once closed, the only way to remove these heavy duty container bolt seals is to cut them off with bolt cutters. These high security bolt seals require only finger pressure to close, so anyone can secure them, but only a determined and prepared attempt can remove them. And, once the bolt seal has been cut, it’s obvious it has been tampered with.
  • Consecutive Numbering: Our container bolt seals feature consecutive numbering for tamper evidence and added security. If someone were to remove the bolt seal and later replace it with an otherwise identical one, the number would be different, providing evidence of the tampering.
  • Plastic Coating: Both the metal bolt and the metal locking cylinder of Snaplock bolt seals are sheathed in plastic. This plastic is designed to show evidence of tampering as well.

Container Bolt Seals for International Shipping

Over the years, container bolt seals have changed from a security feature to a security requirement. In 2008, United States Customs and Border Protection (USCBP) instituted a requirement that a high security bolt seal must be installed on all freight containers and trailers entering the US via ship. This mandate made bolt security seals a standard for nearly all shipping applications, both international and within the United States.

C-TPAT Compliant Bolt Seals

The C-TPAT (Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) program was launched in 2001 by USCBP, and focuses on protecting international trade against terrorism by improving supply-chain security through the voluntarily application of additional security measures.

All Snaplock high security bolt seals available from Supply Plaza are fully C-TPAT compliant. We also offer C-TPAT compliant metal cable seals.

Contact Us for High Security Container Bolt Seals

If you need C-TPAT compliant, tamper evident container bolt seals, you need Supply Plaza. Order Snaplock high security bolt seals today, or contact us for more information.