Crafting & Home Improvement Solutions

Crafting, home improvement, and home organization projects require the right supplies. Cable ties, twist ties, tag attachers, and similar items can prove to be essential to these projects. At, we stock all these products and more.


The Right Supplies for Any Project

Bundling flowers for a craft project? Twist ties are an easy and effective way to hold them firmly in place. Having a garage sale? A tag attacher will ensure that all your prices are easy to find. Straightening out the mess of wires behind your TV stand? Cable ties are just the thing to keep your power cords and A/V cables in neat, tangle-free coils. No matter what crafting or home organization ideas you’re working on, offers these and other miscellaneous items that will help make your DIY project a success.

Check out the links below for project “how-to” help, or if you’re just getting started on your organization ideas. Check back frequently, as we’ll be adding more guides in the future.


Tag Attacher Helpful Tips: They’re essential for retail stores, garage sales, and the like, but tag attachers have many more uses beyond the obvious. This page offers easy and effective tag attacher solutions you may not have thought of.

Tips for Halloween Projects: Halloween is a season of almost unlimited decorating and crafting possibilities, and we have supplies for countless projects. Check out our Halloween tips for new ideas and old favorites for your All Hallow’s Eve needs.

Home Safety Tips: Safety is always important, and nowhere more so than in the home. A few simple supplies like those in our inventory are all you need for a whole array of home safety projects. Take a look at these tips and project ideas for ways to make your home sweet home a little safer.

Wedding Craft Ideas: Getting everything ready for the Big Day is a lot of work. The right supplies can go a long way in lightening the load when it comes to wedding day projects, and we’ve got everything you need! Read this page for wedding project solutions, craft ideas, and more.

Holiday Decorating Ideas & More: The holiday season call for celebration, and celebrations require decorations and festive crafts. We’ve got supplies for all sorts of supplies for the holiday project on your list. Check our list twice for a whole host of holly jolly holiday solutions.

DIY Fashion Projects: In DIY fashion, sometimes a few little tweaks are all it takes to make a style truly your own. With the right supplies, you can transform your fashion or create totally new pieces. Take a look at our DIY fashion ideas for inspiration and to find the supplies you need.


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