Tag Attacher Helpful Tips

Tag attachers are available in numerous sizes and configurations, as are their corresponding tags. Though it may seem that their name says it all, tag attachers have myriad uses beyond simply attaching tags. In addition to pricing items for retail stores, garage sales, and the like, tag fasteners can be used in numerous crafting and DIY applications. They are compatible with nearly any cloth material—from silk to leather—as well as paper, cardboard, carpet, and many other textiles. So, what kind of projects can tag attachers be used for?

Quilting & Sewing

When creating quilts or other multi-part sewing projects, tag fasteners can be used to hold the various cloth components together before sewing them. A tag attacher is a faster, easier alternative to safety pins that will help you stitch up your quilt in no time. A Microtach tool uses small-but-sturdy plastic fasteners that are ideal for this application.


Decorative Crafts

Tag fasteners are also ideal for decorative crafts. Using Microtach tools, crafty designers have turned fabric or wired ribbon into decorative roses, making stylish accent pieces for pillows or drapery. While stitching a piece this intricate would be difficult and time-consuming, a tag attacher makes a fast and reliable substitute.

Last-Minute Clothing Alterations

If you’re working on a wedding and need a quick fix for bridesmaid gown alterations, groomsmen’s suit hems, or other last-minute alterations, tag fasteners are just the thing.  A Swiftach fine fabric tag attacher is perfect for weddings, plays, or any event that may require quick, behind-the-scenes clothing fixes. Supplyplaza.com recommends using T-end fine fabric fasteners for these types of projects, as they are made of strong nylon and don’t have protruding ends like paddle fasteners.


The Right Tag Attacher for YOUR Project

If you plan on doing a lot of projects with your tag attaching tool, we recommend that you purchase a more durable Avery Dennison Swiftach tool. However, if you’ll only be  using the tool occasionally—or just once—it’s more economical to purchase generic standard duty or fine fabric tools. Generic tag attachers use the same fasteners as their Avery brand counterparts; we also offer generic fasteners.


For these projects and countless others, Supplyplaza.com has the tag fasteners and accessories you need. Order yours or contact us today!


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