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Swiftach Fine Fabric Tools

Swiftach Fine Fabric Tools

Swiftach fine fabric tools are fast and reliable for tag attaching in a variety of industries, from clothing to automotive to packaged goods. The fine fabric needle helps to minimize damage and reduce risk of holes on thinner, more delicate materials. Offering maximum speed and safety, these tools are essential for any business.

The Swiftach tagging gun works best for fine fabrics like lace, fine linens, tight knits, and infant clothing. Its needle is unexposed and retractable, ensuring minimum contact with the needle tips. This provides additional safety when attaching prices, sizes, or other product tags, as well as during needle replacement.

Supply Plaza offers a variety of Swiftach tagging guns and fasteners from Avery Dennison for all of your delicate application needs. Contact us today to learn more.

Fine Fabric Tagging Guns

These tools are ideal for your most delicate materials and tightly knit fabrics because they reduce the risk of holes and minimize damage. Tag attacher guns physically attach a tag by creating a small hole and inserting a fastener. This can pose problems for fine fabrics, but the Swiftach fine tagging gun uses a special, fine needle to keep fabrics safe.

 With the Swiftach innovative attachers and fasteners, they work well for attaching tags to woven labels and seams, as well as many other applications. These tools are easy-to-use with a non-stick grip and are handheld for convenience. They feature optimized tension and short trigger strokes to provide smooth operation.

Swiftach Fine Fabric Tool Applications

Fine fabric tagging guns and fasteners are great for a variety of applications.  These include:

  • Whiskers and Washing
  • Industrial laundries
  • Tagging, hanging, and flat goods
  • Pleating
  • Attaching dry cleaning tags
  • Packaging and bundling apparel like sports socks

Fine Fabric Fasteners

These Swiftach fasteners are designed to meet all of your fine fabric needs. They allow you to quickly and efficiently attach brand messages, prices, sizes, and other product information without the worry of damaged products. Swiftach fasteners also have a larger paddle than many competitive fasteners, providing increased security measures.

The Avery Dennison fine fabric fasteners will only work with the Swiftach Fine Fabric tools. They are available in several materials including nylon with an applied strength of 3.5 lbs and polypropylene with an applied strength of 2.8 lbs. Supply Plaza offers Swiftach fasteners in small quantities and bulk packaging to meet your needs.

Order Swiftach Fine Fabric Guns and Fasteners Today

Supply Plaza offers same-day shipping to our customers who orders tagging guns, fasteners, and other products before 3PM Eastern time. We strive to provide the best buying experience for our customers and offer small quantities and bulk ordering for your convenience.

Contact Supply Plaza today to learn more about our products or to place an order today.