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Swiftach Standard & HD

Standard and Heavy Duty Swiftach Tag Attachers

Standard and Heavy Duty Swiftach Tag Attachers

The Avery Dennison Swiftach tag attacher is the industry preference for attaching tags to various fabrics. The Swiftach Mark II & III tools are comfortable, lightweight and durable. Because it is compatible with a wide range of fastener styles, lengths and colors, Swiftach works for a variety of tag attaching applications. At Supply Plaza, both general purpose and heavy duty fasteners are in stock.

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Standard Duty Tag Attachers

For general purpose applications, like attaching price tags to clothing and light fabrics, the standard duty Swiftach tag attachers are an excellent choice.

Heavy Duty Tag Attachers

Heavy Duty Swiftach tag attachers are designed to withstand heavy and continuous use, and are ideal for retail stores or any other application in which the tag attacher will see significant usage.

The Swiftach Tag Attacher Revolution

The Swiftach tag attacher was invented by Avery Dennison in the ‘60s and quickly revolutionized the apparel and retail industries. Swiftach was a fast, safe, and inexpensive way to attach price and brand tags to clothing. It quickly became the standard for retailers of all types.

Swiftach quickly replaced numerous, more time consuming and less attractive methods of tag attaching, including using string, tape pins, staples, and even glue. Swiftach fasteners are easy to apply and easy to remove, without damaging the products.

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