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Plastic Mini Seals

Plastic Mini Seals

Supply Plaza’s plastic mini seals are an ideal, inexpensive security seal for any application that accepts a padlock, and can even be used for slots that are too narrow for standard padlocks. Our plastic mini seals have an operational length of 23/32" and require a minimum pass through slot of 1/16" x 3/16".

Easy to Use Plastic Security Seals

Plastic mini seals are a one-time use, tamper evident security seal. The purpose of these seals is to secure a container, security tote, or package during transport in a way that makes any kind of tampering obvious.

Because our plastic security seals designed for one-time use, they must be physically cut to remove them. Therefore, any attempt to tamper with a sealed package is immediately evident. Though they require a tool to cut to open, anyone can easily seal these plastic mini seals by simply applying finger-pressure.

Plastic mini seals are ideal for lower-security situations in which tamper deterrents and tamper evidence is still necessary. Advantages of plastic security seals include low cost, intuitive use, tamper evidence, and ease of removal—far easier metal security seals.

Reliable Security & Color Coded Identification

Unlike many metal security seals, plastic mini seals are available in a variety of colors. This allows these seals to serve a double purpose: they secure the container, while also providing color coded sorting and identification options. Many companies prefer to stock plastic security seals in a variety of colors and use each color for a different type of product or information, or for specific customers or vendors. In this way, these plastic padlocks provide an easy way to differentiate a pile of similar-looking crates.

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Supply Plaza offers plastic security seals in seven different colors, along with a variety of other security seal options for all your product safety and security applications. Order today or contact us to learn more.

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