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Twist Ties Colors

Colored twist ties are made of metal wire encased in a thin layer of paper or plastic and are commonly used for closing bread bags and produce bags, bundling cords and wires, or as garden ties. A colored twist tie is used by wrapping it around a bag or item, then twisting the two ends together until the tie is secured. Twist ties are manufactured in various lengths and are used by various industries as a strong, reusable bundling solution. 

Supply Plaza offers colorful twist ties in various styles and lengths to meet the needs of nearly any project. We carry blackbluebrowngreenorangepurple,  redyellowwhite, and clear twist ties in pre-cut lengths up to 18” (available lengths vary by color), as well as in spools that allow you cut twist ties to the exact length you need.

We offer both colored paper colored twist ties and colored plastic colored twist ties. Select colors are also available in metallic finishes for a truly eye-catching look. Black and white twist ties are also available in double-wire styles for extra holding power.

Follow the links below to find twist ties in the color you need. Order your colored twist ties today, or contact Supply Plaza to learn more about colored twist ties or any of our quality products. 

Paper Twist Ties vs. Plastic Twist Ties

Both paper and plastic twist ties have the same design of one or more thin metal wires coated with a layer of thing material. The only difference between them is the material used.  Paper colored twist ties are made of more recycled material and are perfect for indoor applications or dry attaching needs such as bread bag ties. Plastic colored twist ties offer an extra durable, water-resistant solution that can be used for produce bags, gardening, or other indoor and outdoor applications.

Common Uses for Colored Twist Ties

Color twist ties add a splash of color to packaging but also have a range of other uses. Here are a few ideas for how you can use color twist ties around your home or business:

  • Bundling wires, cords and cables
  • Color coding bread and bakery items to indicate the day it was baked
  • Hanging Christmas ornaments and other decorations
  • Replacing zipper pulls and missing buttons
  • Securing vines and plants in your garden
  • Placeholder for knitting projects
  • Organizing pens, pencils and other loose items in a drawer
  • Closing frozen vegetable bags
  • Temporary fix for broken necklaces or bracelets
  • Looping together keys Locking the zippers on bags and luggage
  • Creating craft projects
  • Hanging patio lights and outdoor décor
  • Securing floral arrangements

Color Twist Tie Lengths

Our plastic colored twist ties and paper colored twist ties are available in the lengths listed below. Size selection may vary based on the material type and color. See individual product listings for additional information.

  • 4” color twist ties
  • 6” color twist ties
  • 8” color twist ties
  • 10” color twist ties
  • 12” color twist ties
  • Twist tie spools

Twist Tie Colors

SupplyPlaza offers plastic colored twist ties in various colors for your packaging, bundling and decorating needs. Click on the individual color listing to see available sizes for each color option.

Order Colored Plastic Twist Ties for Your Packings Needs

We offer plastic twist ties in a range of color options and sizes, including twist tie spools, for business, home and manufacturing use. Place your order today or contact us to learn more about our plastic twist tie options.