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Pre-Cut Paper Twist Ties

Paper Twist Ties | Cut to Length Paper Twist Ties

Paper twist ties are short lengths of wire that are covered with a material (paper, plastic, foil, etc.). They are designed to be used as a fastener by twisting them around an item. Supply Plaza’s pre-cut bread bag twist ties offer a simple, reliable method for keeping your bags securely closed. Our paper twist ties consist of a metal wire encased by a thin strip of paper. A bread bag twist tie is one of the most common types of twist ties used today. They are primarily used to close bags or bundle items that are unlikely to encounter water. Our bread ties are available in a wide variety of lengths, including 4”, 6”, 8”, 10” and 12.”

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Bread Bag Twist Tie Applications

Paper twist ties are great for everything – from keeping bread fresh to replacing lost zipper pulls. They’re also an excellent DIY solution to a broad range of household problems. A bread tie can be used to seal any type of bag imaginable. Our bread bag twist ties are flexible, durable and inexpensive. Additionally, our ties are easy to use because they are removable and reusable. Some other useful applications include:

  • Device for hanging Christmas ornaments
  • Button replacement
  • Secures plants in your nursery or garden
  • Repairs or replaces lost zipper pulls
  • Repairs a shoelace. If the plastic end comes off, poke a twist tie through the cloth part
  • Temporary window curtain or shower curtain hooks
  • Electrical wires/cables bundling device
  • Attach keys together
  • Reset buttons on electronics or watches
  • Kid’s crafts
  • Ribbons

Bread Bag Twist Tie Lengths

Our bread ties are available in a variety of lengths to support the requirements of a multitude of differing applications, these lengths include:

Paper Twist Tie Color Options

Our pre-cut paper twist ties are available in a variety of colorful options. We offer both colored paper and plastic bread bag twist ties. Select colors are also available in metallic finishes for a truly eye-catching look. Black and white twist ties are also available in double-wire styles for extra holding power. Our catalog of colors, include:

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