DIY Wedding Craft Supplies

A wedding is truly a cause for celebration. They can be big or small, and can take place in winter, spring, summer, or fall. What really makes a wedding stand out are the personal touches the couple adds to make the day their own. DIY wedding décor, accessories, and favors are the perfect way to give a wedding a one-of-a-kind touch. stocks a large inventory of items that will help turn your wedding craft ideas into reality.


Simple Supplies, Remarkable Results

We offer metallic twist ties that can be used to add a touch of glam to wedding favor gift bags or bouquets. We also carry seasonal twist ties (snowflakes for a winter wedding, for example) and paper twist ties in a variety of hues to match the wedding colors.

Cable ties (also known as zip ties) can be used in a number of DIY wedding projects. They’re a quick and easy solution for bundling flowers, hanging decorations or lighting, or attaching the good old “Just Married” sign to the back of the couple’s car. Special releasable cable ties are perfect for securing the rings to a ring pillow or a beloved pet’s collar.


Save the Day with Last-Minute Alterations

A dress or tuxedo issue at the wedding or reception venue can spell disaster. With that in mind, a Swiftach fine fabric tag attacher should be a part of every Maid of Honor or personal attendant’s wedding day kit, as it is the perfect tool for last minute alterations or repairs.


manila labeling tags wedding crafts

Ideas for Guests & Gifts

Guests can write well wishes, notes, or advice on the married life for the happy couple on manila labeling tags and hang them around the reception hall as a fun, festive piece of decoration. Alternately, they can be used to show seating arrangements. Plastic mini seals are just the thing to secure the card box at the gift table, and they’re available in an array of colors to match the décor.


For supplies for all of these wedding craft ideas and more, place your order or contact today. We’ll help make your DIY wedding one that will be talked about for years to come!


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