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Cable Tie Mounts

Cable Tie Mounts

Easily mount everything from Ethernet cables to electric lights using cable tie mounts from Supply Plaza. We offer cable tie mounts, a.k.a. zip tie mounts, in a wide variety of sizes and styles, at competitive prices to fit your budget and with fast shipping times to fit your schedule—most orders received before 3PM CST are shipped the same day!

We stock cable tie mounts in a range strength/weight ratings, from 18 lbs. (small cradle zip tie mounts) up to 175 lbs. (1-1/2” x 1-1/2” 4-way zip tie mounts).

Order the cable tie mounts you need today, or contact Supply Plaza for more information.

Types of Cable Tie Mounts

We offer cable tie mounts for nearly any application. Our selection includes:

Many of our zip tie mounts are available in multiple sizes. See product listings below for sizes and specifications.

Adhesive Zip Tie Mounts

Adhesive-backed zip tie mounts are available in rubber and acrylic. Rubber has a quicker set time and moderate strength, while acrylic has a longer set time and a higher strength. Adhesive zip tie mounts can hold cables tightly in place on a wide range of substrates.

Non-adhesive zip tie mounts must be installed with screws.

Nylon Cable Tie Mounts

Nylon cable tie mounts are suitable for use in temperatures from -40° to 185°F (-40C to 85°C).

Order Zip Tie Mounts & More from Supply Plaza

We stock cable ties, mounts, installation tools, and everything else you need to organize your cable or wiring system. Order the zip tie mounts you need today—place your order before 3PM CST and we’ll ship the same day!

Contact Supply Plaza for more information on these or any of our fine products.